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Updating the Platform

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Updating the Platform

(I'm very new to PortableApps, so please excuse me for the ignorance.)
As 2.0 is about to come out, I'm wondering how to update my platform. Do I just install the new one over it, without losing old information and getting all the benefits of the new one? Or do I have to uninstall and reinstall? I'm pretty sure it's the first, but when I do so, will there be any information lost at all, old files, or even Firefox bookmarks and history? Is there anything I should do beforehand, such as making backups or anything? Thanks.

John T. Haller
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Install Over

You can install a new version of the platform over an old one just like you can install a new version of an app in Format over an old one. All your data is untouched.

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similar question

I am currently using the Mod34 (unsupported) version of the platform: should I just delete the Mod34 menu folder and install cleanly 2.0 or will it safely overwrite if I just install the PA.c 2.0 menu over the old. I am prepared either way, and thank you for changing my digital life. Smile

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Better safe than sorry

I think it would be safest to backup your data and start again, since I'm sure 2.0 makes no claims of support for mods of the platform.

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