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[Fixed] Pidgin: 2.7.1 not setting the environment variables !

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Mark Sikkema
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[Fixed] Pidgin: 2.7.1 not setting the environment variables !

This involves language switching but also %PATH%, %PURPLEHOME% and all the other env. vars! (I'm actually surprised it's even running !)

The (Unicode NSIS) System::call's don't seem to deal with:

System::Call 'Kernel32::SetEnvironmentVariableA(t, t)***********'

If I remove the A's, and re-compile language switching works again, and all the other env.vars are set properly again !

(OS Windows XP sp 3)

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Mine runs without problems. I had a look at it in ProcessExplorer and PURPLEHOME is set to K:/PortableApps/PidginPortable/App and PATH is set to K:/PortableApps/PidginPortable/App/spellcheck. Looks ok from here.

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John T. Haller
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Fixed in Rev 2

This is fixed in 2.7.1 Rev 2

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