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There seems to be an issue with pidgin-encryption 3.0 and Pidgin 2.7.1 (and 2.7.0). It appears as though it affects both the portable and locally installed versions of Pidgin. As such, I just wanted to post a note about the issue in case anyone else was experiencing the problem so they would NOT blame the portable version.

(15:00:04) plugins: probing F:\PortableApps\PidginPortable\App\Pidgin\plugins\encrypt.dll
(15:00:04) plugins: F:\PortableApps\PidginPortable\App\Pidgin\plugins\encrypt.dll is not loadable: `F:\PortableApps\PidginPortable\App\Pidgin\plugins\encrypt.dll': The specified module could not be found.

>dir encry*.*
Volume in drive F is xxxxxxxxxxx
Volume Serial Number is xxxx-xxxx

Directory of F:\PortableApps\PidginPortable\App\Pidgin\plugins

05/06/2007 11:40 PM 486,704 encrypt.dll
1 File(s) 486,704 bytes
0 Dir(s) 781,008,896 bytes free

I have not yet found a fix on either:

The closest item(s) I found was:
-->Last status changed noted at the time of this postLast status changed noted at the time of this post

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I hate it when things liket his happen

Waiting for the new release of [insert software here] to come out to fix a couple of months worth of bugs and issues, to only ran into new problems that affect the features you use the most.

Anyways, I'm not a pidgin-encryption user, but I do encrypt some of my converstations.

I use OTR and it is still working properly on v.2.7.1 At least I can confirm that with AIM, Yahoo and MSN.

OTR Website

OTR for PidginPortable Installer
__ _ ____ ___
"Pidgin-OTR 3.2 "
--- -
Pidgin Portable | - Portable software for USB drives
____ _ ___ __

Hope this helps. I also hope they find a fix for the current problem with pidgin-encryption. It is good to have choices.


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Thank you.

Thank you for the suggestion. If pidgin-encryption is not fixed soon I will probably have to migrate.



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i just registered to give u

i just registered to give u this solution, i hope it will be useful so
here u have the plugin fixed.

i just came to help and u ask me to register!

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I couldn't for the life of me understand why the Pidgin-Encryption plugin was not showing up in the list of available plugins after installing it until I read this post.

So, if I'm following this correctly, does this mean that a Portable version of this plugin (i.e., Pidgin-Encryption_Portable_v3.1.paf) will resolve this issue? Does anyone know when this might be forthcoming or can Pidgin-Encryption v3.1 somehow be installed in a portable manner via its Win32 self-extracting binary?

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I've posted Pidgin-Encryption Portable 3.1 to the Pidgin Portable homepage.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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