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Go-oo Portable?

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Go-oo Portable?

Is it much more work to portabilize Go-oo, an improved fork of, than it has been to make OOo itself portable?

Go-oo is available at

John T. Haller
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Yes Portable is our biggest package and takes the longest to package and upload. We do it for multiple languages. It's infeasible to also do Go-oo due to time but also due to the similar functionality. Many of Go-oo's advantages are gone as the features were added into the main OOo package (OOXML support, etc). In addition, the automated build process we use won't work on Go-oo since they don't make individual language builds available (you have to download English and then add a language pack).

We work directly with on the Portable package and they help with the packaging and support. We'd need something similar and automation from Go-oo to even consider it, and then we'd need to work out if it made sense given the serious overlap with OO.o.

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Go-oo Portable!!! Download!

Make it Go-oo Portable not as difficult as you write.
It took me 30 minutes. You can download it here. (version 3.2.1-11)
Russian language + English language:
English language:
If the program is done right, I'm ready to collect Go-oo Portable for all languages available on

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There's no point in making

There's no point in making GO-oo portable, they're merging their code base with LibreOffice, future development efforts will be focused there:

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