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TeamViewer Portable not saving settings

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TeamViewer Portable not saving settings

Is TeamViewer Portable supposed to not save any settings you set in the options screen?

John T. Haller
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TeamViewer itself is designed not to when run portably.

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warrants fixing

I'd suggest making the solution info provided below (by dama425 and Ovidiu.Zeicu) more readily available, e.g. within the help.html or kind of a readme.txt in the main dir. It would be even sweeter if you would automatize this into your PAF version.

On another note: You might want to consider linking this forum on the TeamViewer Portable page.

And furthermore: Tool buttons for formatting forum postings would be nice. Like on StackOverflow and most forums on the web.

P.S.: Thanks muchly for - it is indeed awesome!! Smile

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I've been playing with this

I've been playing with this myself recently. You can "Export" your settings to an .ini file in the "Extra" -> "Options" -> "Advanced" -> "Show Advanced Options" section. What you can do with that I don't know 'cause there's no "Import" option.

The TeamViewer manual states:

Export settings for TeamViewer Portable
Exports the setting for TeamViewer Portable to an *.ini file. More information on how
import the settings into TeamViewer Portable are provided in the download package.

I don't know what they mean by "download package". The normal, non-portable installer?

The settings not getting saved is getting REALLY annoying with this app.

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Settings (.ini) for Teamviewer Portable

I Made the same observation until recently... But the current version (6.0.9947P) does work:
see the README.txt in the ...\Teamviewerportable\App\Teamviewer directory: you need to create a tv.ini file from the full version, as mentioned earlier, and to slightly patch the teamviewer.ini file... all in this directory... it works Smile


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Teamviewer 5...

Hi Smile

Has someone kept the release 5 of teamviewer portable ? Or does someone known where are kept the old releases of the portable apps from PA ?

I thank you in advance Smile


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Export settings for TeamViewer Portable

Work with TeamViewer.ini situated in \TeamViewerPortable\App\teamviewer folder.
Setting nosave=0 will save your settings, but in the registry, and that doesn`t make it portable.

The thing to do is importsettings=1 wich activate the automatic settings import. TeamViewer Portable will import the settings from a file called tv.ini which has to be situated in the same directory as your TeamViewer.exe. You can create the tv.ini by exporting your settings in the advanced options of the full TeamViewer version (Extras > Options > Advanced > Show advanced options > Export settings for TeamViewer Portable). This works in the oficial portable release from In the release, tv.ini must be situated in \TeamViewerPortable\App\teamviewer folder.

Also, by setting LogOutgoingConnections=1 in the TeamViewer.ini file you can force TeamViewer to write a log file with detailed information about your connections. This log file is used by the TV Manager.

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Export settings for TeamViewer Portable

Nice idea, but these files are always overwritten by the update. No other solution?

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Backup of "these files"

The solution is to make settings files like these part of your daily / weekly backup job. You should not only backup your PortableApps regularly, but additionally copy settings files of some importance to a place where the PortableApps update does not reach:

copy G:\util\PortableApps\TeamViewerPortable\App\teamviewer\TeamViewer.ini g:\online\technote
copy G:\util\PortableApps\TeamViewerPortable\App\teamviewer\tv.ini g:\online\technote

Not WhatsApp:

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Backup or better changed starting routine

Ok i make backup, but why is tv.ini not also copied from Data location to app location when starting teamviewer.
I have check behavior of teamviewer.
On starting teamviewer.ini is moved form Data\settings to App\teamviewer
Closing teamviewer teamviewer.ini is moved back from App\teamviewer to Data\settings.
The same behavior should be done with tv.ini.

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Until recently one could by a combination of TeamViewer.ini and tv.ini have the TeamViewer import Settings, but I doesn't work anymore.

Is there a new way to force teamviewer to run with user defined settings.

I want the random password deactivated by default. There is no need that someone could access my system. I want to use TV portable to access the systems from my fried list, that's it.

Any ideas or work arounds ?

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