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Firefox locking drive it isn't on

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Firefox locking drive it isn't on

This didn't use to be a problem after I switched from WinXP to Win7, but in the last couple of months, I've started having difficulty ejecting my portable drive (HDD based, rather than flash). I have Win7 x64, so I can't use Unlocker (doesn't have a Win7 x64 version yet), and I just around to finding and trying LockHunter this week.

When I run LockHunter, it says that FireFoxPortable is the application locking the drive, but the weird thing, it doesn't run from that drive! It used to, but it doesn't any more.

I used to have all of my portable software on an external HDD, but when my new computer had a SD card slot, I got an SD card for the stuff I used a lot, so I could just leave it in, but still easily take my data with me. However, Thunderbird doesn't run very well from an SD card, so I still use the external HDD when I want to run that.

My guess is that the FireFoxPortable, which I just copied from the HDD to the SD card, is still referencing a path to the HDD somewhere, and thus locking it. Does anyone with more familiarity of the FireFoxPortable internals have any idea where I might be able to look to fix this?



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weird one

Not sure how much help I can be, here, since it could be almost anything that's doing it.

I assume that you're using the launcher to start FFP, which will have drive-letter switched the vast majority of the cases it could have been.

It may be an addon or a plugin, which uses a setting file that the launcher doesn't touch.

It may help if you know exactly what file it is holding the lock on - ProcessExplorer (portable version)will be able to tell you that, if you select the process, and hit CTRL-H to show all handles in the lower pane. You can then scroll down that list looking for file handles on the drive letter that you're interested in.

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Cleaning with USBDeview

I would suggest to do a housecleaning, first.

With NirSoft's USBDeview you could do that by "Uninstalling" any previously connected USB devices.

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