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ClamWin: New Version of ClaimWin is out!

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ClamWin: New Version of ClaimWin is out!

New Version of ClaimWin is out!

v 0.88.3

Install this version and overwrite the portable version the path:


Frank D. Hubeny
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Hello Cryptor; Thank you for

Hello Cryptor;

Thank you for telling me what to do. I followed you instructions and it worked just fine. Even checked the "about " file on my USB version. It said "88.3".

Thanks again. As in my first post this is just to keep up with the latest if this web-site is very busy or haveing any other problems. I really am not wanting to compete. Also not being a programer I may be messing myself up by just doing this form of an upgrade. I will update the whole package when it is avaliable here.


Ryan McCue
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Hey Frank,
it doesn't matter if you are trying to compete, it's GPLed.
John Haller, the creater, is currently experiencing major power probs over in New York.
I'd say you haven't messed it up. That's how John does it anyway.
R McCue
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Frank D. Hubeny
Last seen: 5 years 9 months ago
Joined: 2006-06-29 06:53
Hello Rmccue;Its is just

Hello Rmccue;

Its is just one utility that if I can update manually mytself I would feel better. This is of course only a temporary thing for me. But good to know if problems occure in the future. The anti-virus portable app is the only one that I feel this way about. The others that I use work fine and I do not need to upgrade them often. I feel I can wait for theose who know what they are doing to rlease anything new.

I use atlantis word processor, gpg/gpgshell, and firefox on my USB. I also have a file manager and a file shredder and then clam av. These tools allow me to do basic work with out bothering anyones PC. They also allow me to occasionally copy one or two over to a PC I may be useing for a while with out haveing to install any of my favorite apps on their PC. This paragraph is slightly off-topic sorry for my rambeling. I do like this portable app idea much better than Barts PE. I had a time learning how to add my one or two favorite items to it. This is just unzip anywhere and go. Even to a temporary PC on which you may not have permission to do much of anything on.


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