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open Office alternative and less than 20MB

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open Office alternative and less than 20MB

Hi Guys,

I have just come across a office sweet that has suite that includes:
i) A word processor creator with tables, frames and templates and .doc compatable
ii) A spreadsheet creator which supports multi-sheets and auto-fit printing and .xls compatable
iii) A photo-editor with layers, filters, 'red-eye'reduction, and support for 25 graphic file formats
iv) A Photo-album which organizes and maintains lists of your digital pictures
v) A Presentation creator which is .ppt compatable
vi) A Database creator which is .mdb compatable
vii) A PDF creator.

Best of all once the dll's and exe's are compressed it less than 20MB although it does cost about $50.

I have purchased a copy as i think it great, but even more is I would love to be able to have this running of my USB stick!!!!

If any one can help me with creating a luncher for this it would be great!!
if it helps I have a WindowsPE/BartPE inf file for it which shows all the registry stuff?

Ryan McCue
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Reg Rapper, mkPort or various others can make it portable for you. mkPort would be your best option, but you will have to wait a few weeks 'til Steve releases it.
Should be simple enough. Can you watch it with RegMon and tell us the results and also tell us the directory stucture?
R McCue
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