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[Fixed] VirtualDub Portable Plugins Pack 1.9.9 Not Found

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[Fixed] VirtualDub Portable Plugins Pack 1.9.9 Not Found

The link takes me to the file list for the PortableApps project, and the appropriate folder for the 1.9.9 plugins pack actually contains VirtualDub itself, not the pack.

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Reported in story

This was reported in the story and I expect John will fix it when he next comes in in a few hours or so.

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That was me :)

Yep, that was me. I wasn't sure whether to report it in the story, or post a topic in this forum (I wasn't sure if anyone looked at the story posts - I thought the odds were good that they did though, so I decided to post there). Anyway, it is fixed now so all is good Smile

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