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Switching to standard Thunderbird

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Switching to standard Thunderbird

after using happily Thunderbird portable (currently 3.0.4) I want to switch back to the "normal" Thunderbird.

Is there an easy way to port my settings/contacts/mails?

Thanks in Advance

Tim Clark
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Welcome ZioNemo

Welcome ZioNemo to Smile

Try looking at this:
It is a sub thread of "Reverting back to Local Thunderbird from Portable"
BUT read the ENTIRE Topic before proceeding !

I would recommend making sure that the local version of Thunderbird be the same as the portable version you are currently running.

Note that it does appear important that you have run the local version at least Once so that it can establish the:
" username\application data\thunderbird\profiles\[8-characters].default\ " location

For future reference you all be able to find the answer to these and many other frequently asked questions using the Search Feature you will find at the top of the pages.

And again, Welcome to PA.c Smile


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