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lost extension andd themes ...

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lost extension andd themes ...


sorry, but I'm not very good in english.

Yesterday, when I use portablefirefox on my pc, no problem.
And this morning, at office, I connect my usb key with portablefirefox and when I start portablefirefox, there isn't no more extensions and themes...
I don't modify my repertory "portablefirefox", and yesterday, in office, portablefirefox were ok with extensions and themes.

I try to install again extensions but after restart portablefirefox, the extension say: restart firefox to install extension ??!!??

I must install again portablefirefox at the begin ??

Thank you for your help !


Ryan McCue
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I have seen this before

Can't remember where...
Wait, found it:
Try deleting your profile.
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Ashes for Tears
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Wait, hold on... before we go all drastic...

Try this first: Shut down Firefox and try deleting the file 'extensions.rdf', then bring it up again. Works more often than not.

Edit: And you may want to make sure the writes to your drive are truly finished before you take it out. This is usually, in my personal experiance, how that file gets corrupted.



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Thank you for your answers

Thank you for your answers !

I delete exentensions.rdf, and it is now OK !!


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