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TrueCrypt Portable (Working)

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TrueCrypt Portable (Working)

I realize that admin privileges are probably required to run this program, but that doesn't mean that you don't want the program that unlocks your dirty pictures, passwords, and sensitive legal documents to be on your USB drive. I certainly want to make it tougher for any individual to find out what program I used to create a giant random hidden encrypted file. Why give anyone the suspicion when they see it in your list of programs? Plus, admin access is sometimes as easy as Safe Mode.

With that said, I have made TrueCrypt match the Portable Apps Format 2.0 specs (besides the admin thing).

Enjoy your privacy (semi) portable!

Mark Sikkema
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It would be nice if we could

It would be nice if we could have the launcher source included (I'm very interested)

Another thing, here is an example for a beta testing topic layout

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I don't get it. I just

I don't get it. I just wanted to put it out there - a nice clean installer, portable, and in a common format. I have no source code. If anyone would like to take this project on, feel free. I certainly don't want to.

Chris Morgan
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There's also the TrueCrypt Public License text to consider; a derivative product may not have "TrueCrypt" in its name without permission.

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Looks like I have to ask for

Looks like I have to ask for permission first.

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FreeOTFE and FreeOTFE Explorer

FreeOTFE and FreeOTFE Explorer are a lot better anyway - and already has an official version!

It's never been added to the "official" list though, which isn't a surprise - it was created by the actual author, not J. Haller or one of the moderators, which seems to be a requirement here.

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I use FreeOTFE. It was a choice between that and TrueCrypt, at the time I was looking for portable encryption software and I went with FreeOTFE simply because it's open source. I have nothing against TrueCrypt (I've never actually used it) but FreeOTFE does everything I need it to do.

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You can't call it TrueCrypt Portable.

What a lot of hoops to jump through to get it!

Yes, include the source code.

You can't call it TrueCrypt, or anything like that.

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TrueCrypt has a semi-portable version

If you download the normal installer, you will be given the option to Install or Extract. As far as I can tell, all settings and histry xml file are save in the folder you extract it to. I understand this isn't to standards and maybe it leaves data behind, but due tot he nature of this software, I doubt it. It would be very sad indeed if they leave behind the key files or any other critical files that is needed in the decryption process.
But of course, this is purely my speculation, and very humble opinion.

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TrueCrypt fully portable, fully secure

As stated here, it is fully portable. As to the question of whether it "leaves data behind"? Just read the documentation. It's fully secure.

TrueCrypt has served me well.

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I Just Don't See the Point

TrueCrypt is already portable. Just run the installer, choose to extract rather than install locally, and extract to a new folder in the PortableApps directory. Then just refresh the app list and there it is! The only problem I had was that a second entry appeared in the PortableApps menu without an icon (because there is a separate .exe for creating the volumes). Just hide that second entry and you're good to go! I've been using this for a while now and it's been working flawlessly.

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It is already portable within installator

TrueCrypt 7.0a (2010-09-06) (fully open-source)

but in "Portable Apps Format" will be welcomed!

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A bit late?


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