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Actually this is not part of the FAQ, so bear with my question.

I was happy with FF portable 3.5.9. where I run 50+ add ons without problem. I then decided to upgrade to 3.6.3. Here is what I did:

1. Make a safe copy of FirefoxPortable to FirefoxPortable 3.5.9.

2. Unzip the firefox portable 3.6.3. and dump it to the existing FirefoxPortable folder

Something must be wrong because when I run 3.6.3., no add-on is active: nothing in menus, nothing in the sidebar, no small icons on the bottom right. I even upgraded to 3.6.4. and the problem remains. I even tried to uninstall an add on (restart) and re-install the add-on (restart) but it still does not work.

On the other hand, if I install an add-on on a fresh install of Firefox portable 3.6.4., it works as expected.

What is the proper way to upgrade FF portable? Cannot the new version be dumped over the old one without side effects like disappearing add ons?

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The correct way is

simply to run the installer from - you shouldn't need to unzip anything, or copy any files around manually.

In this case, though, it sounds like your extension cache may be corrupt. try deleting the file \PortableApps\FirefoxPortable\Data\profile\extensions.rdf while FFP is not running, then restart it, which should rebuild the file automatically.

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did not work

I tried to delete the file as you write, but it does not solve the problem: add ons are not visible (but I can install new ones, I can see the list, etc...)

Sorry for mistakenly reporting using zip file, I actually ran the installer as you describe.

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Where to

The problem will probably be related to the fact that you copied the files over rather than running the installer. Try running the installer on that directory; it may fix it. Then again, in doing that, you may well have overwritten the Data folder and killed all your settings and whatnot and need to copy them back from your backup.

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