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Multiple Home pages?

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Multiple Home pages?

More of a firefox question than portable firefox specific, but can you have multiple home pages open at browser launch? I know with opera, you can save a session of however many pages, and when you open the browser, it will open those pages in seperate tabs.

Is there any way to do this in firefox?

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Tab Mix Plus has a built-in

Tab Mix Plus has a built-in session manager htat can do what you want, but session managers are generally a bad idea because they can seriously slow startup time. You can make it ask each time at startup if you want it to restore your session. It's not exactly a multiple home page feature, but it'll work. You can store sessions, so if you want to store your home pages, you can. I highly reccomend TMP with or with out the session manager, so try it out.

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This really the simplest and

This really the simplest and least problematic way (I've experimented heavily). Just separate the web pages with | (the pipe character). You can even make sure certain web pages load in IETab by prepending "chrome://ietab/content/reloaded.html?url=" (assuming you use the IETab extension of course)|chrome://ietab/content/reloaded.html?url=|



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bookmark the tabs

and then use that bookmark (for the group) as your home page.

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This is the simplest! ;-)

Actually, the multiple hompages feature is already built in: open all the pages you want as your homepages in different tabs and you'll see that in PFF's "Tools" > "Options" > "General" > "Homepage" the button for setting your homepage changed from "Use Current Page" to "Use Current Pages". Wink

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