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Toucan 3.0.1 Bug Report

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Saar 5
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Toucan 3.0.1 Bug Report

you cannot synchronize 2 folders with names beginning/ending with brackets like
[ joe ]. Very annoying when you want to give priority to specific folders. the problem did not occur on the previous version. Can somebody alert the developer ? Other than this specific issue, this app is just great !

Steve Lamerton
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am the developer and thankyou for alerting me!

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Folder exclude problem.

Hi. I found other problem.
When simple rule '•Folders to exclude' is created then files with the same name are excluded as well.
I check this for Backup job.


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If you can reproduce this on

If you can reproduce this on the latest (but not officially published by Portableapps team) version 3.1.4 (see here:, then feel free to report this in the bug tracker ( Please put specific reproducton instructions in, so that I'm not second-guessing - that will help me to understand the reason faster.

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