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DeskHedron Portable Development Test 1

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DeskHedron Portable Development Test 1

Application: DeskHedron
Category: Utilities
Description: DeskHedron is a tool which switch the desktop by using 3D GUI. At 3D view you can switch the desktop by mouse wheel or left and right cursor keys. DeskHedron can organize apporoximetely 9 desktops, and switch the desktop. (direct quote)

5 desktops (with support up to nine)
(icon is in the middle, Google to the left, Yahoo! to the right, further right, then my desktop)

Download DeskHedron Portable Development Test 1
467 KB Download, 542 KB Installed
MD5: 984F548A72FC6CC681BBFD2FA5B34D43

Release Notes
June 27, 2010: Initial Release

Other Notes
Stuff you should know before using this app
--Add a desktop by right-clicking on the tray icon and selecting "Desktop +" ("Desktop -" does the opposite)
--To go into cool 3D mode, press CTRL+SHIFT+Z
--Based on Yod'm 3D (Portable) and other projects
--You can exit out of DeskHedron, and launch it again and your desktops will be there until you reboot th host PC