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WinFlip Portable Development Test 1

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WinFlip Portable Development Test 1

Application: WinFlip
Category: Utilities
Description: WinFlip allows you to switch between windows in a fancy, 3D environment (like the way you can switch between windows in Vista and 7).

Download WinFlip Portable Development Test 1
850 KB Download, 1.3 MB Installed
MD5: ECF6A87603E39AD7FB6C77072D9B0CDC

Release Notes
June 27, 2010: Initial Release

Other Notes
It took me a sec to figure this out, but you use WIN+Tab to switch between windows. So yeah. Oh and also you might notice the Windows get a little fuzzy that split second when the windows load up... if it doesn't go away, just shake the window, and it should go away.