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Gimp Portable and Windows 7

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Gimp Portable and Windows 7

This co,plied version has the disappearing menu selection problem in Windows 7....On 2.6.8 and now 2.6.9 the lettering blanks out on all the menus, selections.....This also occurs in Gimp 2.6.8 and Gimp we cam solve this by using Gimp Themes....which solved the problem....

I tried to copy the Theme file gtkrc-2.0 to the portable without success although I tried it in several places.....

Since 2.6.9 has introduced new errors I have returned to 2.6.8 in Gimp....was hopeful that Gimp Portable would have solved this......

Really need to get this Win 7 error out......

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GIMP Bug - Not Dealbreaker

It's a bug in GIMP itself but doesn't seem like a dealbreaker to me. True it is a bit annoying, but you can easily read the menu options when they are not highlighted.

Has this already been reported as a bug to the GIMP devs?

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I wonder?

I work for an online chat program, we had a similar issue with the program when Vista first came out. As I recall it had something to do with Display preferences on the host computer and being set to a silver theme? Wonder if this is similar?

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I Wonder

No as to silver as I also changed the Win 7 theme slightly, after using Gimp Themes, giving a darker format....

There is no visibility issue as the Gimp Themes solve the problem.....but not for portable...there are several threads on this as that is where I got the Gimp Themes tip....

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