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Try Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 out today with Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 4.0 Beta 1

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Submitted by John T. Haller on July 6, 2010 - 8:29pm

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 development is well under way, with the final release due later this year. Everyone is anxiously awaiting the most significant user interface update in years. Now that the first beta of 4.0 has been released (today, actually) we can all get a glimpse at what's to come. But, what if you want to try it out without worrying about altering your happily-stable installed version of Mozilla Firefox? Well, in that case, you can try out Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 4.0 Beta 1!

Read on for more details...

FirefoxPortable4_small.pngLike all apps in Format, the app is entirely self-contained and won't affect your installed version of Firefox. You can download the portable installer and install it to a USB flash drive, to your PC's local hard drive (just not to C:\Program Files to avoid issues) or even right to your Desktop or My Documents folder.

The process is simple. Just download the portable installer from the Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 4.0 Beta 1 homepage (it's available in 16 languages). Once downloaded, run the installer and select the directory you'd like to install to. For Platform users, pick your X:\PortableApps directory and the platform will pick it right up. For everyone else, picking My Documents or Desktop is fine. A FirefoxPortableTest folder will be created in whatever directory you pick, containing the whole app and all its settings. When the installation is done, just open up the FirefoxPortableTest folder and double-click on FirefoxPortable.exe.

Take a look at the new interface, try out some sites that make use of the new features, have a ball. And know that your local Firefox installation will be just fine when you're done. So, go and download Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 4.0 Beta 1 today!


Thanks for making this available so quickly. Excited to try 4.0, it will make or break the product when compared against Chrome.

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its good and fast but the process plugin container always cause my pc to freeze and hang up until i end it manually ...