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I need admin account to install gimp?[EDIT:FALSE ALARM]

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I need admin account to install gimp?[EDIT:FALSE ALARM]

Why would it not install using the usual Limited account in XP? Seems the others (all?) install without Admin privileges.

[[EDIT: just updated to new GIMPPortable_2.6.10.paf.exe in Limited account without problem. So I retried install of GIMPPortable_2.6.9.paf.exe; this time no problem either. I guess something on my end was at fault (AV or whatever) that gets frequent updates. PLEASE IGNORE THIS POST. MODS: MAYBE DELETE IT]]

I "always" use a Limited account except for MS update and installing "real" applications that write to the registry.

When I tried to "install" the newer version of PA Gimp these past few days, I got a Microsoft pop up message "GIMP...2.7.9.PAF has encountered a problem and must close" or something close to that. This was right after it asked about language and I pressed Okay for the default English. It did not get to the point of asking for the desired location to install it to or anything.

It offers to send a error report to MS which I did.

After much mucking around, checking the md5 (fine), trying to select a different language (the error happens just after Okaying the English)...etc, I took a try at doing a "Run As..." on the installer, picking an account with Admin privileges.

That worked! Why should that make any difference for a application? [If that is normal, how about noting it on the support page] Is something trying to write to a restricted area? Is it something with Gimp or something with your installer? Now that it is "installed" it seems to run fine (launch) in a Limited account (although I've yet to have the chance to really work with it).

(From what I read, a whole lot of general user folks use an Admin account all the time rather than a Limited account, letting anything happen and probably don't notice such things. But I suspect your general architecture and QC before releasing would handle that.)

[It's unusually hot where I am and I suppose I could be doing something stupid and not realizing it. Hmmm. Let me again look to see if the instructions for the Gimp are funky. Nope.]

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First, to local hard drive or

First, to local hard drive or a proper install on the flash drive?

If its the local hard drive, your admin may have limited the ability to write to the local hard disk. Of course, he may have limited other things as well

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Every App from here can be installed using a limited account. Some may need admin privs to run though (ie: JKDefrag).
Maybe there is something else preventing you from installing it.

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