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Thunderbird Portable used in Libraries

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Thunderbird Portable used in Libraries

Hi All,

I recently had to close my account with my ISP, and had to access my email via the local library. I have tried my portable thunderbird, but no avail as their firewall does not allow comunication.
I want to use this because I receive a lot of emails, and the library only gives me 2 hours a day to use, plus you have to be on the line early in the morning otherwise you don't get a go until 11 am.
Since I have to be at work it is mostly impossible.
So, does anyone knows how to use a technique to allow thunder to read my emails?

Thanks in advance, Gen.

John T. Haller
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Different Ports

Generally, all ISPs/libraries/cafes block port 25 (outgoing mail) to prevent spam. Some libraries will also block incoming POP ports. Your best bet is to try using the SSL ports for both, provided your mail provider supports them. These are often unblocked. Check with your email provider to get the proper ports (gmail, yahoo, etc have instructions on their sites).

Note that there is a chance you may not be able to connect as the library is blocking those ports as well. In that case, your workaround is to use your provider's webmail interface from those machines.

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