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Chrome vs. Firefox

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Chrome vs. Firefox

I've decided that I've gotten too used to and too spoiled by Firefox, so I'm gonna test Chrome and Opera for about a week each. I feel like I used to be savvy with both IE and Netscape back in the day, but after Netscape started to go downhill, I switched to IE, and stayed there until Firefox, around 0.9.3 I believe, and I've been with Firefox ever since, and my skill with other browsers has dropped to about nil.

So, Chrome gets the first go because it's the browser that Opera and Firefox both seem to want to be like right now. Also, it's the Big Bad Google, so it's controversial (like me, at times, though not so much here).

Thoughts so far:

Well, lacking a title bar and a menu bar, I've quickly learned that the Wrench is your friend, possibly your best friend, when you want to do something.

Bookmarking is straightforward except for the bookmark bar. I see the option to make it always visible, but when that option is disabled, I don't see how to get it to appear temporarily. Should it do that somehow?

Middle-click opens a new tab, I like that, it's how I have Firefox set up, but it opens tabs in the background, which isn't how I want it, but I see no way to change it.

I have AdBlock set up, and I have PortableApps and Ars Technica whitelisted. I'm not seeing ads on Facebook, but I am seeing them here. I like this. (Haven't been to Ars yet.)

I like the application shortcut option. To be able to make shortcuts to the desktop for Facebook, and I suppose, any site I like, is pretty neat. It makes the most sense for Facebook, a site you can get on, do your thing, and get off, without going anywhere else on the web. Kinda keeps you focused, too, if you just want to check one site.

How about profiles? What if my wife wants to use the browser? Is there a way to create profiles, like the Firefox Profile Manager (installed) or Second Profile (portableapps)?

Not even sure the version number, I just went to the site and installed. So it's installed, it's not the portableapps version. OK, it's 5.0.375.99. I guess that's alright?

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Bookmarks Bar


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I downloaded Iron Portable a

I downloaded Iron Portable a while back (kind of like Chrome) to try something new--nothing can beat Seamonkey for me though.


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Chrome is Impressive

Chrome definitely rocks the house as far as AJAX applications go, it's one of the fastest, if not the fastest. One of my reasons for not using it in the past was the lack of any kind of plugin support, so no chance for using my beloved Ad-Block Plus. That point is now rendered moot.

Another thing that irked me but I believe is also moot is that there was no full-screen mode. So, basically I'm running out of reasons not to use it, if it's faster than Firefox (which certainly isn't an unreasonable claim).

My only issue would be the privacy concerns but then there's always Iron for that, so again moot.

I still find myself using Firefox most of the time, but I must confess this is mostly out of habit and the need to stick with the familiar. I do like the minimalist approach of Chrome.

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Make a short cut to Google

Make a short cut to Google chrome, right click the shortcut and select properties, add --user-data-dir="C:\Path to new profile" to the end of the shortcuts target.

The full shortcuts target should look something like this.
"%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --user-data-dir="%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\NewUser"

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