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Proxy at Home vs work

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Proxy at Home vs work

This may be a FF specific question, but...

I just started a new job. My U3 PFF by John works great at home, laptop and at my old job, but...

When I plugged into my new computer at the new job I found that I could open PFF, but I could not connect to certain sites, like yahoo and google, the only one that will work so far is google mail.

PTB works just fine. Filezilla works.

If I use proxy settings then can I switch them easily every time and is that what I need?

Any suggestions for getting PFF to work?

BTW I did search and could not find a problem like mine, plus the multiple location thing.


This is the message that it gives.

I know it can't be specific sites though because I can access them with IE.

403 Forbidden - The ISA Server denies the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL). (12202)
Internet Security and Acceleration Server

John T. Haller
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Most likely, your work network is blocking you. You can attempt to connect to the work proxy, if there is one. See here for setting it up and determining your proxy:

Also, moved topic to U3 forum. Portable Firefox and FF for U3 work a bit differently.

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Thanks John.

I have never encountered that before. The SwitchProxy extension did the trick.

Thanks a bunch!

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