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Beta5 Updater / site XAMPP version mismatch

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Beta5 Updater / site XAMPP version mismatch

Not quite sure where to post this one.

The updater in beta5 just suggested that I update my XAMPP launcher to v1.4, but the XAMPP page at still lists v1.3 as being current.

1.4 is indeed available on SF, and the updater installs it fine, so I'm guessing that the web page is off. (I did a quick search, and couldn't see any release announcement for 1.4 anywhere either).

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Yeah, I was just about to report this, but thought I'd do a quick search to see if it had already been reported.

I had installed XAMPP Portable Launcher and XAMPP onto my USB Drive, and not two minutes later, I ran PA.c Updater, which listed XAMPP Launcher version 1.4.


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I fixed this on the XAMPP page. It was just a minor update to the new installer back in January.

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