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MusicBee : can someone look at this please?

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MusicBee : can someone look at this please?

I don't know much about making apps portable so I would like to humbly ask someone of better knowledge than me to take a look please and let me know if it's worth trying?

Program: MusicBee

License: I'm not sure??

Description: If you are looking for an application geared toward managing extensive music collections, easy to use and with a feature set - MusicBee is that application.

MusicBee makes it easy to organize, find and play music files on your computer, on portable devices and on the web.

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MusicBee license

It's freeware for personal use.

From the EULA (included with the installer):
"The Licensee may not:
1) distribute copies of the Software without prior written permission;
3) decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or modify any part of the Software;"

Haven't checked licenses for third party libraries, also cited in EULA.

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You might want to take a look at MediaMonkey. There is a portable version of it here.

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just thought

just thought musicbee was something (new?) and different.
and was kind of hoping someone in the community might like it.
I use AIMP2 and I love it! it's only problem for me is relative paths.

[Remainder of post censored, please don't do things like that! Mod Chris]

Please try to be tolerant with me,I would like to be able to contribute to communities like this one, I just don't have the talent or knowledge yet. So if you help me now, I may be able to help others later!
Yes I'm a Mac & Linux Fan!

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Please keep the vulgar language to a minimum.

Last time I checked this site was called, rated G for general audiences. Just a suggestion...

I'm tired of people living in their fantasy world when the clock is ticking away, and when they are unable to see reality for what it is.

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unfortunately he/she can't modify his/her post since you replied to it. Smile

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i dont understand

the last part of their post wasnt there 2 hours ago ?__?

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Nearly but not quite

I'm sad to report that while this seems like a good application, it's not ready for prime time yet.

First of all I'm not sure exactly how you're supposed to run MusicBee portably. I installed the regular version, opened it and set the "run as a portable application" check mark, but it seems all this does is copies your settings files from the standard My Documents folder to the MusicBee folder.

I tried to copy the installed MusicBee to a portable location and it complained that my library was missing. Fair enough I thought, I'll just create a new one, but the app wouldn't let me and kept bombing out with an error. I eventually got around that issue by manually tweaking some ini files.

Then I discovered it wouldn't play half my MP3s (okay perhaps a slight exaggeration, but certainly a fair percentage). It seems that the majority of these are somehow corrupt, however they play just fine in XMPlay and other media players. I guess the MP3 library being used in MusicBee isn't very fault tolerant. There was a forum posting about it but the linked file update was nowhere to be found.

This is all rather unfortunate because although the application seems overall solid and very responsive, these problems I've had have kind of left a sour taste in my mouth. I'm almost begging to bring SongBird back.

However, I'm willing to persevere a bit longer and see if I can't update some components and get MusicBee to the point where it's at least performing on a par with some other media players, so that I can make a fairer comparison. On the brighter side, it looks like development on MusicBee is ongoing, the Developer just doesn't seem to update his blog, but prefers to post information on his forums instead.

Update: Well that's kinda odd and amusing all that the same time... apparently the sound library used by MusicBee is "Bass", which is from the same developers as XMPlay. Go figure!

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It's time to check license

It's time to check license again. It seems that application can be distributes via PAL.

Gord Caswell
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Not currently

Currently, the EULA states, among other things:

By using the Software, you agree to the following conditions. The Licensee may not:

  1. decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or modify any part of the Software;
  2. remove any proprietary notices or labels on the Software;
  3. resell, lease, rent, transfer, sublicense, or otherwise transfer rights to the Software

In other words, we would need specific, written permission to redistribute the application.

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