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PUTTY.RND ??????

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PUTTY.RND ??????

Hi everybody. I have found a file in C:\Documents and Settings\User\PUTTY.RND Does anybody know what is it? I think it's a file of UltraSurfPortable, but I'm not sure.

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Yes, UltraSurf/Portable does

Yes, UltraSurf/Portable does make use of PuTTY.

And as per PuTTY FAQ:

PuTTY also requires a random number seed file, to improve the unpredictability of randomly chosen data needed as part of the SSH cryptography. This is stored by default in a file called PUTTY.RND

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Correct, It's Not Putty Portable

Putty Portable stores this file internally within its own directories, so you won't find it on the local PC.

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