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your-freedom proxy client portable

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your-freedom proxy client portable

that's a nice proxy client app. any chance to have a portable version of it ?!a

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You can help by telling the community....

1. where you found it (you go to their website here).

2. what the program's license is (like GNU General Public Licence, et cetera).

3. maybe what it does, though the name says it all. (Is it dependent on IE, BTW?)

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It looks terrible.

Here are some better programs for you that don't require things like working email addresses. They also don't limit you to six hours a day at dial-up speed.

Getting Around Internet Blockage

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I've built the launcher for

I've built the launcher for my own. I'm in contact with YF team in order to provide the portable version in their official releases.

Stay tuned! Biggrin

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