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Portable Yahoo! Widget Engine (formerly Konfabulator)

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Portable Yahoo! Widget Engine (formerly Konfabulator)


I enjoy using the portable applications on this site, I've been a long time Portable Firefox user.

I would like to use a portable version of the Yahoo! Widget Engine (formerly know as Konfabulator).

If you haven't yet used the awesome desktop enhancement tools, check it out (!


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Get the Firefoxit extension.

Get the Firefoxit extension. It follows the same basic principle, and works with Portable FF.


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Portable widgets for Windows

I haven't actually looked to see if this request was in the works, but I can tell you that if you're using a flash drive, or any kind of removable storage device, you can make the yahoo widget portable by installing the program to that device.

I actually just copied my installation over from my computers HDD to my Lexar jump drive, and tried it at work. Worked great, I was even able to download, install, and use new widgets without issue. My work computers are setup so that only admins can install programs, and this was a great work-around for me!

To be exact I copied only the "Yahoo! widgets engine" folder, and all sub-folders to the USB drive, no other files/folders were needed. Upon running for the first time the widget engine will look to see if you have a "My widgets" folder in the my documents folder. If not, it will install the folder, and proceed as if it is running for the first time. I only add this next tidbit because I did it, and it was important to me, but since the installation does not take place initially on the machine you're going to run it on portably, it will not have had the benefit of having files with the .widget extension associated with the widget engine. So you will need to set that association up for the first time. Otherwise you will not be able to launch widgets simply by clicking/double-cliking on them, like you noramlly could.

Lastly the one drawback I see is that your widget preferences do not follow you. Each new computer you run your portable widgets on will need to be set up with your preferences at least once. This could be overcome by bringing along your "My widgets" folder zipped, and unzip it to the my documents folder on the next computer, but that's kind of a hassle. Maybe the good people here at portable apps can come up with a fix for that.

Hope this helps, and enjoy your portable widgets.

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Avedesk would be better Smile

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Avedesk portable

I think that Avedesk can be run in portable mode. If you open the read me files and look at the settings overide ini file it has an option to store settings in its own directory. I have found that it still creates an empty Avedesk folder on the host but it does not use it. I am no expert but am submitting this post for further discussion by anyone more expert than myself.
I would prefer to have Yahoo widget engine as a portable app, but its only possible on a U3 drive at the moment as far as I can tell.
Regards NMC

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