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Create a image to a whole disc

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Create a image to a whole disc

I would like to know if can I make image(like Norton Ghost) to my "C" Disk with Toucan.

Thank you, very much


John T. Haller
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Toucan is not a disc imaging/cloning utility (which also requires a specific set of tools to rebuild a system drive).

It's a standard backup utility for backing up specific files, directories or whole drives. (In addition to being a sync and encryption tool).

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Try Clonezilla. Advocate

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Or DriveImage XML

DriveIMage XML is free for personal use, and I've never tested but it's unlikely to be portable.

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Portable DriveImage XML

As long as you run DriveImage XML off a "Live CD"
(see Wikipedia definition), it will (I think) BE a Portable App,
unless the User stores an image file on a host computer Hard Drive.
"Hirens BootCD 15.1" is a free ISO to burn a "Live CD" which includes DriveImage XML v2.30. (I believe one could also use the ISO to produce an equivalent USB drive.)

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