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Updating Chrome [Issue]

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Updating Chrome [Issue]

Thanks for updating the dev build within 24h, you're Awesome!

I have some problems/suggestions though:

1. I forwarded the "Updater" through my Vista firewall, it detected the new Chrome and began downloading, apparently it downloaded the folder structure and launcher and then I get "download fail", I suppose this is because the Updater downloads the installer and since the installer is a different exe it's blocked by firewall, so I got a broken installation, I opened the firewall and checked for updates it sez "all apps are up-to-date" and my only solution is to download the ChromeDev.paf and install over. all data preserved. so what should I do to be able to update Chrome without disabling firewall ? I assume it's a temp exe and it has a different name for every new version so the "Allow a certain program" won't work.

2.When installing/Updating I get All languages installed again in "E:\PortableApps\GoogleChromePortableDev\Other\Source\Languages" and "E:\PortableApps\GoogleChromePortableDev\App\Chrome-bin\6.0.472.14\Locales" and the previously deleted folder "E:\PortableApps\GoogleChromePortableDev\App\Chrome-bin\6.0.472.14\Resources" is installed again, I don't need it.
New Languages/Folders shouldn't be installed when Updating, only when Installing FRESH.
better off, make the PAF installer customizable, choose ALL or One Language, I don't believe someone changes back an forth between languages.


  • Bug Report:

When Updating Chrome (or any Online-Installer) behind a firewall, Update will fail and you won't be able to re-attempt the update, Updater say "apps are up to date".

  • Annoyance:

New languages/Previously-deleted-folders shouldn't be installed when Updating.

  • Feature Request:

Make PAF Installation Customizable, Choose One or All languages. So I can select US-en and when Updating I will only get the new US-en without all es,rus,ukr or ger.
and another person who installed his apps on a shared computers for many people can select the default install.

  • Question:

How to Update Chrome from behind Vista-Firewall ? Open specific ports?