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VLC: Elapsed time and Skipping problem

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VLC: Elapsed time and Skipping problem

About elapsed time: After about one hour of video, running RMVB video format, the elapsed time counter stats going crazy. It starts to show much less time that it had to show, like 3 minutes instead of one hour.
And about skipping: When I skip a video the player mixes the image, the video gets very strange, but after a time it comes back to normal.
Could someone fix these problems? I'd be grateful.

John T. Haller
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RMVB is buggy

rmvb is an extension to the rm file format. It is buggy and is buggy in many players. You didn't used to be able to seek at all.

It is an issue in VLC itself, not the portable package. You can report the issue to the VLC folks at their website, though there is probably already an open bug for it.

In the meantime, it's best to stick to standard formats for video whenever possible. I know there are some niche sub-genres that oddly prefer RMVB, so you may be stuck with it for some downloads.

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