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Scriptly Portable Development Test 1

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Scriptly Portable Development Test 1

Application: Scriptly
Category: Development
Description: Scriptly is an extensive freeware code editor for Windows for writing HTML and programming with PHP. In addition to the comprehensive search and replace facility, the program features syntax highlighting for several script languages and file types. Code snippets and complex tables can be added quickly and easily.

Download Scriptly Portable Development Test 1 [8.58MB download / 29.0MB installed]

(MD5: 84ee1615febe10e12a02a6b4fc8371c8)

Permission: Permission has been received from Benedikt Loepp to make this portable build.

Everything sounds great to me and I can't see any problems with a PortableApps version of Scriptly from you and that you maintain that version.
You can create a regular installer - that would be okay.

Thanks, Benedikt!

Release Notes:

Version, Development Test 1 (2010-08-02):
Initial Release

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scriptly, it looks very good

scriptly, it looks very good but why is it better then notepad ++?

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Who knows In all reality,

Who knows Wink

In all reality, its a matter of preference I suppose. Maybe scriptly offers something to the user that notepad++ doesn't.

I no longer use Notepad++ but use geany for a few reasons:
1. Geany releases are rock solid. Initial releases of new notepad++ were always buggy, at least in my experience.

2. I like the feel of Geany more then I do notepad++.

3. I develop Geany Portable, it seems fair that I should use it Blum

scriptly looks to be more geared towards web development and as such perhaps it offers more benefits for those languages.

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Yep, web-development perks

Yep, Scriptly is geared towards web development and offers a lot of web-development perks. For example, it has the ability to generate the skeleton of a HTML page with a couple of clicks, and the ability to create custom webpage scrollbars (using CSS) without actually needing to know CSS.
Scriptly also has a code library, which comes pre-loaded with around 3 dozen common web-development code snippets, an image viewer with a few basic image-editing abilities (again, mostly useful for web developers), and an internal preview function that allows you to view your webpage using either the Internet Explorer or Firefox renderer - all without leaving the Scriptly editor.

As you mentioned, it's a matter of preference. For those looking for a solid multi-purpose editor, Notepad++ is the one to choose (or perhaps Geany; I've never used it, so idk). For web developers looking for some tools to make their lives easier, Scriptly is the way to go.

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Very Cool - Highly Recommend checking this out....

Just passing through and thought it might be helpful to leave a comment.

I have been looking at my alternatives for taking a more professional xhtml/php/C+ et al/projects [ide] editor with me, and it was seeming to come down to komodo or netbeans, and then, of course, the necessary text editor anchor(s) like notepad++, editpad pro, vim, and such similar others you may find prominently celebrated. (Just now checking out geany, that looks really cool too.)

Cannot believe I have never found Scriptly until today, for all my searching.
Seems to have been around for quite some time, has extensive features for serious coders, well thought and laid -out, well developed, and well supported, and has an interesting community.
It also loads and runs fast (especially compared to komod, netbeans, and such), and appears to run rather solidly.

For webdev I am one of those who used to lean pretty heavily on homsite, and still (after all these years) use it for basic pages dev. I use PHPed and some similar for ide there. While my text editors get serious use for everything including webdev, I still like to turn to a dedicated web-projects app. Since I failed to port homesite to my stick, it seemed komodo and netbeans were the only real viable options, but they are huge and slow. I am glad I found scriptly... seems to be a serious contender, and I am surprised it is not listed as such here at PortableApps. It really should be.

Cheers, TwoHawks

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