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[Closed] gvimPortable “-f” option does not work

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[Closed] gvimPortable “-f” option does not work

gvim has a -f option at startup which prevents the GUI to fork.

Some applications, sometimes, create temporary files, run an editor and then when that task has finished, do something with the temporary file and delete it.

This is why gvimportable.exe should have that -f option working for it to be interfaceable with other portable applications.

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Chris Morgan
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Don't understand

I haven't ever used -f; for Mercurial and things like that I have vim set as my editor (and I work on Linux at home now, these things work so much better on Linux than on Windows...).

I presume you're saying that -f works on Windows; it seems unlikely to me due to how the console/window subsystems work on Windows, but I'm not confident of my ground there. The long and the short of it, however, is that due to the way the launcher is engineered it's a technical impossibility. There is no console version of NSIS, which is the language the launcher is written in, so it really just can't be done. This is the case with all our portable apps and if not all, almost all portable apps of any type.

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