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VLC 1.1.2 Open Folder command crashes VLC

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Jeremy Cox
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VLC 1.1.2 Open Folder command crashes VLC

I upgraded all of my portable apps using the new updater, and discovered that the open folder command (Ctrl-F) now crashes VLC after I select a valid folder full of MP3s. Using the file open command to select all the files in the folder works fine.
This worked correctly with VLC Portable 1.1.0. I have not tried it with a non portable version yet.

The error is from the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library,
Assertion failed!
Program: Full path to vlc.exe
File: ../.././src/text/strings.c
Line: 1120
Expression: path[0] == DIR_SEP_CHAR

Don't have the debugger installed to get more information. Thanks for any help.

John T. Haller
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Confirmed - Bug in VLC Itself

I can confirm this bug and it is in VLC itself (it's not introduced in the portable version). This will be fixed in VLC 1.1.3:

Until then, the workaround is to do File Open and select all files.

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