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Cross-Platform Portable Firefox?

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Cross-Platform Portable Firefox?

Is the person who developed the cross-platform launcher for PFF available on this forum? Or anyone who knows Macs better than i do? I'm having an issue...

Mister V
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Windows, Mac, Linux..... What to share ?


I'd like also to have on my USB Key a version of Firefox that I can use from any platform (Mac, Linux and Windows).

I looked around but never found any version of Portable Firefox for an other plateform but Windows.
So I think we have to do it ourselves.

To do this, the first step is to know what can be shared between the plateforms (of course not the binaries, but there is probably a lot of data to share).

Next we have to get what cannot be shared for each plateform.

Than we have to find a way to make all work on all plateforms....

A lot of work maybe... but can be intresting Smile

Team Loco
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There is a Mac version, but

There is a Mac version, but it is a little bloated IMHO; as it requires the entire .app (26mb) to be installed on the portable drive.

Other than that, I have used it all week between XP SP2 and Tiger 10.4.3, and it works like a charm.

If someone could make an extension that lets you specify where the profile folder was saved to, or where to read from, I'm thinking that would solve a lot of problems; aside from extension compatibility within each OS. So far, all my extensions I use on the Windows side (13 of them total) all work perfect with the Portable Mac version.

Mac version located here

John T. Haller
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I plan on it eventually

I've chatted with the guy that did the cross platform scripts. We're going to try and work together on standardizing it in a way. Maybe make the Mac piece a drop-in for Portable Firefox. My eventual goal is to have Mac/Linux/Windows with the same profile.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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Has there been anything

Has there been anything further on bringing a cross platform Portable Firefox into the fold? I have not played with the one that is out there yet but the recent restructuring of PF's storage got me thinking about it again. I currently have a sparse HFS+ image on my flash for Portable Firefox and Portable Adium but can see lots of advantages to a single cross platform approach...



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