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Different SMTP servers at home and work

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Different SMTP servers at home and work

I have multiple personal email accounts across multiple personal domains.

I am trying to find out if it is possible to setup PTB to use the individual SMTP servers for each personal domain when I am using it on my home PC but only use one SMTP server while at work. Port 25 is blocked at work, but I can configure PTB to use work SMTP server to send mail. I can't and don't want to use the work SMTP server while at home.

Put another way, is it possible to run two instances (not at the same time) of PTB (one for home with it's servers setup, one for work with it's server setup) and use the same data store? Or is there another way I haven't thought of to accomplish this?

Appreciate any help.

John T. Haller
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Best bet

Most likely, your office blocks port 25. But, you may be able to access your non-work SMTP servers from work by using an alternate port. For instance, if your server supports SSL, that's usually port 465, which isn't always blocked. Some servers support port 2525 or another alternate for unsecure SMTP. Even Gmail supports secured over 465. As an aside, you should always be using secure SMTP mode, otherwise your email password is flying around in plaintext.

Give that a shot.

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Ashes for Tears
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This may be slightly cumbersome, but I set up several SMTP servers under Tools>Account Settings>'Outgoing Server' Listing in the scroll window>Add.
Depending on the situation, I right-click an account and select 'Properties', and on the main page of the account properties, select a server from the dropdown-list.

Crude, I know, but it works. Each server has it's own setup.



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Thats the way I do it

[Subject sounds like a Disco song]
My ISP blocks access to port 25 if I am not logged into their server, so when I travel, I have to use web mail or use the same technique as Ashes. I have found that what Ashes describes may not always work if the ISP you are connecting thru also blocks outgoing requests to port 25.

Does anyone know of a SMTP server that is open and accessable with an alternative port as John describes?


Steffen M. Luba
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Extension for PTB
This might not solve your problem, but maybe it could help a bit. I use this, since I have the same trouble at work.

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Me too

I use exactly the same thing for exactly the same reason, except at Uni.

This thing just adds a drop down menu at the top. Works a charm.

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