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Problem updating to (edit to add solution)

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Problem updating to (edit to add solution)

I've just comleted the update to my USB stick, but when I try top start the new app it tells me it appears to be read only, and then offers to copy it to the hard drive to run. I've checked for read only directories and files and found none. There is no lock on the USb stick, as thunderbird continues to receive mail OK.

So where do I start to look to get this to function correctly again?

In my .ini file I had all the paths indicated with a "/". Changing them to a "\" resolved the issue. Strange however that when I allowed it to copy firefox to the hard drive(before the .ini file fix) it still found the bookmarks, etc. even with the "/" in the paths.

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/ vs \

Someone told me, that Windows has a built-in method to change / to \ and vice versa, when needed.
That was made because some win-users are dummies, thus don't know differences between / and \.
I'm not undersigning that, but maybe there is a slightly little bit of truth in there Wink

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It's not just for the "dummies." Quite a few situations require that the forward slash ("/") work as a path delimiter. For instance, C and C++ compilers. There's lots of cross-platform code out there, and since Linux and others only accept forward slashes, you'll commonly see code that uses forward slashes in paths.

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