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Certified Add-Ons

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Certified Add-Ons


Can I download certified/verified add-ons for FireFox and if so where can I download them from?

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If you mean

is there a source of known-to-be-portable addons, then please use the site search system. This has been discussed many times before.

There are literally thousands of addons for Firefox, and only a tiny handful that have any problems with portability. There is no way that this site could feasibly maintain an up to date list of the addons, let alone test every new version of every addon to certify it.

Most addons work fine portably, and leave nothing behind. The exceptions are

  • ones that use additional config files, which may possibly need to be reconfigured when the drive letter changes.
  • ones that store data explicity to the system drive (often to the temp folder)
  • ones that depend on a full application being locally installed.

but 99% of the addons on do not fall into any of those groups.

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