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Encryption Question

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Encryption Question

I got overzealous and immediately installed the Suite on my new portable hard drive, forgetting that I was intending to install it in a TrueCrypt encrypted file container for protection of my saved passwords and such. Since a TrueCrypt volume is mounted like a drive, to which you can easily drag and drop files, I was wondering if I could simply move the PortableApps directory into the container and use it like normal, or would I have to reinstall?

John T. Haller
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Just Move It

You can just move it between drives or between virtual drives (like TrueCrypt's instance) and it'll work just as if you moved PCs and it got a new drive letter.

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Admins Right.

Remembering of course that you will need admin rights on whatever PC you use, to use TrueCrypt, and therefore to use PortableApps (if they are in a TrueCrypt volume). If that isn't a problem for you, then great, you're all set!

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