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Difference between "normal" and "portable miranda" ?

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Difference between "normal" and "portable miranda" ?

I wonder what the difference is between the "normal" miranda and its portable

As you know there is not only a Miranda installer exe but a simple
zip archive as well.

If I extract this simple zip archive all necessary files are available
and I can run Miranda out of the box (even from an USB Stick).

So why do I need a special "portable Miranda" version ?

Bruce Pascoe
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You should read more carefully.

From the Portable Miranda page:
Portability Note: Miranda IM itself is actually portable without modification. It will be slightly larger (1MB vs 2MB) and will keep the settings in the base directory unless you alter the INI files. Portable Miranda IM is made available mainly for the convenience of users of other portable apps as it allows the same directory structures without modification or configuration changes.

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