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[Dead] PAF-2-U3P

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[Dead] PAF-2-U3P

Dead: Development on this portable app has ended.

Application: PAF-2-U3P
Category: Utilities
Description: PAF-2-U3P is a simple 2-step process that allows you to convert any application in standard Format into a U3P file which can then be installed onto your U3-enabled device. This was just a little experiment of mine, and I'm not really expecting it to ever go official. Its a great, easy alternative to the complex Package Factory for U3: all you need to do is pick an app, choose where you want to save it to, and click Create. The little program does its magic, and in a few moments, VOILA! your U3 app is created.

Download PAF-2-U3P v0.1
700 KB Download; 1 MB Installed
MD5: 65135937878f3214a3750819abf22580

Release Notes
August 18, 2010: Initial Release.

Known Bugs
eXpresso and the AppCompactor don't work. And new settings aren't transferred between PCs, due to the way U3 works, and because I was too lazy to figure out how to do that.