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VLC1.1.2 extremely slow to open on Win7

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VLC1.1.2 extremely slow to open on Win7

Re: I tried to use VLC1.1.2R2 from

OS: Win7 home
Intel Core i7

I have configured a multi-user desktop on this machine. Since then, VLC is unacceptably slow, on fresh boot more than 1 min to open, then I get a message "mise à jour du cache pour les polices de caractère" and wait another minute.

Are there some security validations checks from win7 which makes it so slow ???

Portable MPlayer 1.rc2 opens in less than 2 sec....
Portable SMPlayer in less than 2 sec....

Answer from VLC: "Videolan team doesn't provide VLC portable."

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Working Fine For Me

VLC is a large program, much bigger than MPlayer, so it's not a fair comparison. VLC will always take longer to load. On my computer (Win 7, dual core 2.67GHz with 4GB RAM) it takes about 6 seconds to load using version 1.1.2r2 of VLC.

I have noticed that the loading time for VLC can be heavily impacted by other software running such as anti-virus programs. Are you using AVG anti-virus by chance? Try disabling your anti-virus program temporarily and launching VLC to see if the load time improves.

Try a regular installed version from the VLC website. If you have the same issue then you know it's not a problem with just the portable version. Then the VideoLAN Team cannot tell you "sorry, it's not our problem".

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VLC seems pretty heavy on the

VLC seems pretty heavy on the hard drive. So I guess that if you're running it from a slow hard drive (or worse a cheap USB key) this might be the reason why it takes so long. The portable version shouldn't be noticeably slower than the "normal" version though

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No my 1Tb hdd is not slow,

No my 1Tb hdd is not slow, just VLC
I changed for SMPlayer and now everything works fine.

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Rebuilding font cache

You might find your answer here:

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AV ?

I can only tell you what has happened in my case with the last few versions of VLCP.

I am using WinXPS3 with a Gig of RAM and a 3Ghz single core processor and am running VLCP from my hard drive.

It normally takes about 30 to 45 secs before VLC is ready to go.

If I turn off my real time virus protection it loads in about 10 seconds or less.

So I have discovered that in MY case it is the scanning of VLCP by my AV that is causing the slowness.

Note: I am not saying you should disable your AV, just that it could be a factor, as it is for me.

I just live with the slow start.


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It is indeed the antivirus. VLC accesses all the DLL plugins on launch (270 individual plugin files) which takes a long time. Antivirus needs to scan each of those as VLC touches them. You could try uncompressing the files (using AppCompactor) and see if that improves launch time for you.

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