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How about a new and advace type of Platform?

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How about a new and advace type of Platform?

I've been thinkin', and actually tryin' to daydream a great platform that everybody can be happy to have. Why not try a portable start up menu platform that you can actually create a customized folder for an application that you can download at? But it needed to have a primary source folder that will hold all the portable application.

For ex.: ("_" sign should be optional)


With a setup like this, IT IS EASIER to manage all your portable apps, right? And I think that the common files should be a hidden file.

When opening the platform, this should how it will look like:

Favorite selection of apps that is in bold letters w/ icons but when pointed by the cursor the font size will change. ex: from 7 to size 8; You can customize the font size even the font color and the application name.

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Thunderbird
* Accessories (ex:Folder 1)
- XnView (ex:Apps under Folder 1)
** Accessibility (ex:Folder 1.1)
-- On-Screen Keyboard
-- Virtual Magnifying Glass
** System Utility (ex:Folder 1.2)
-- Backup

* Games (ex:Folder 2)
- Sudoku (ex:Apps under Folder 2)

* Internet (ex:Folder 3)
** Browser (ex:Folder 3.1)
-- Google Chrome
-- Mozilla Firefox
** E-Mail (ex:Folder 3.2)
-- Mozilla Thunderbird
** Chat (ex:Folder 3.3)
-- Skype


In the folder access, one can create a custom folder in actual or upon installation with an option of renaming it whenever it needed to be. Whether in sizes, colors or fonts and even in Icon or in Folder Customization.

Of course, forget not the picture upload of the user/owner. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have a pre-installed security system that will ask an administrative password, 'cause sometimes it can't be helped when someone borrows one's thumb drive or memory stick. With this security system, a guest user will be able to see only the the folders that the user/owner sets as a public folder by Folder Customization.

The right side should have a Main Folder for all of the items, documents, music etc. of the user/owner.


My Items (Main Folder that can be access at X:\My Items)

* Documents (ex:Folder 1)
** Personal Documents (ex:Folder 1.1)
-- My Resume (ex:Doc under Folder 1.1)
** Public Documents (ex:Folder 1.2)
-- Birthday List (ex:Doc under Folder 1.2)

* Music (ex:Folder 2)

So on and so forth, you already know what I mean.

I love this application but in this era most people (if not all) wants a custom capability that will show one's persona. And lets admit to the fact that people wants to own something that is none like the other.

I do hope that, can make this possible, I'm kinda excited 'cause I do know that it will happen, sooner or later.

God bless to all of you.

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Welcome to PortableApps!

Interesting ideas. Some of these are in the works, some of these aren't, for various reasons.

The current path is X:\PortableApps\ and all the portable apps go here.
There's already a Java Portable available on this site.
And what's the advantage of a Mozilla folder? Or for that matter, a Common_Files folder?

The current menu/platform has a pretty well-designed installation system, that takes all of the guesswork out of installation of PAF format (.paf.exe) apps.
Non-PAF format portable apps work generally well by just putting the app folder in X:\PortableApps\
The most recent beta of the menu/platform has a updater system that you can use to download and update your apps easily (and in the next beta you can use it for the initial installation)

Application Categories (a.k.a Custom Folders) are planned for the next beta of the menu/platform. As for customizing the font size to change when you hover, that might be nice, but I don't think it's enough of a priority at this time *(see below).

There's already a place for you to upload a personal picture in the upper right of the menu. For further customization, you can create themes to partially of completely re-skin the menu, including changing the button hover highlight graphic.
How's that for showing your own persona? Smile

As for the security issue, trust me, that's been discussed, attempted, and researched, and so far no suitable solution has been found that is good enough to include in the menu. There are some encryption apps in the development phase, such as TrueCrypt, which can encrypt all of the contents of the folder. And while there are options that have been used with other systems (like the obsolete U3) they tend to use convoluted setups that we don't want to get into here.*

The right-side folders are not likely to change, but there have been requests to customize it. But Public and Private folders are not likely to be added. PortableApps are intended to be used on personal drives, and the addition of profiles or different levels of permission is really out of the scope of the menu.*

* To quote John T Haller:

That's my point. The mark of a well-designed piece of software isn't what's put in, but what's left out. Any app can add every feature under the sun, making it nearly impossible to use. With our software, we keep everything as simple as possible, and don't add features unless they serve a decent segment of the userbase and are applicable to many circumstances.

That being said, don't stop dreaming of a better menu. Keep up with the posts here, and as you become more familiar with the menu, you may see more opportunities for improvement.

I made this half-pony, half-monkey monster to please you.

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Thanks for filling me in.

Yah, it has been a good thing to have an application such as these, I'm not that good with software programing but you can say that I am a software application geek. I really like carrying stuff that I can use that I can plug & play with any computer, anywhere - anytime. (specially when my notebook is low in power and there's no where to charge up.)

By the way at the first part, you asked me 'bout Mozilla. What I mean was, it would be nice to have all apps that is of the same developer come together in one folder compilation. Like when you download most the adobe software in your PC. They are in one primary source folder. Actually, I just like making it a "file browsing hassle free" to be exact, 'cause in truth, a have dozens of portable apps and sometimes it's hard to track which is which when it is needed to be.

But imagining it will make a conflict with other apps that is not of .PAF.EXE format. Can it be made possible by making a built-in tracer for any .EXE format that can track up to the 3rd level folder?

For ex:

Folder 1 (Primary Source Folder = PortableApps)
- Folder 2.1 (Developer's Folder = ex:Mozilla)
-- Folder 3.1 (Application Folder = ex:Firefox Portable Edition)
** Firefox.exe
-- Folder 3.2 (Application Folder = ex:Thunderbird Portable Edition)
** Thunderbird.exe

- Folder 2.2 (Application Folder = ex:Sudoku Portable)
** Sudoku.exe


I just remember, if ever there's a chance for a better customization. How 'bout adding a source folder for every individual apps, where you can put xxx.ICO xxx.PNG or xxx.JPG or any files that can be used through xxx.INI or in anyway possible.

Anyway, can't wait to have an upgrade. And thanks for filling me in.

God bless you all. And keep up the good work.

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