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[Dead] Flock Portable Development Test 1

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[Dead] Flock Portable Development Test 1

Dead: The developers of Flock have stopped development of their web browser; Flock Portable will follow suit.

Application: Flock
Category: Internet
Description: Flock is a web browser based off of Firefox, and is designed to work better than other browsers for social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Launcher: This portable app was written with the Launcher.

Online Installer: This is an online installer that will download the additional files during setup.

Download Flock Portable Development Test 1
700 KB Download, 34 MB Installed
MD5: 88421e43b03ad21fd97e7bb6c8a045d7

Release Notes
August 22, 2010: Initial Release

Other Notes
I haven’t tested the import function for portability, but I’m pretty sure it will work. Don’t set Flock to the default browser because I didn’t include code to revert the settings. (It was causing some problems when I tried).

The icon is trademarked, so (for now) I’m going to use my crappy, 60 second icon (which doesn’t look too bad, given how long it took.)

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All right.

I'll give it a try... I'll tell you if it can run in WINE.

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