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Why do YOU use PFF?

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Why do YOU use PFF?

I was curious-

Why do YOU use PFF? And where?
Be honest now- I'm curious.

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School, Library, work,

School, Library, work, friends and relatives, kiosks, and anywhere that I want to browse MY way, and not be foreced to use IE. Same for most portable apps. I take what I use where I go. But I did use most of these apps before I found them portable.

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Ryan McCue
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But seriously, my reasons are the same. Also, to convince people to get Firefox.
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Bruce Pascoe
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Most the computers I have access to have Firefox already installed, and the ones I don't I would have no problem doing so. No, the reason I use PFF (I'm sorry but I refuse to use the now-"proper" FFP abbreviation) is for the configuration portability. I like having my bookmarks and settings everywhere I go without having to duplicate them on every machine I might use. Granted, I could use that Google sync extension to get the same thing, but I like having the settings always available no matter what.

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I like to have the same configuration at home and at work. No trying to remember what was installed or configured.

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I use it wherever I can, and

I use it wherever I can, and because everything is there. The beauty of Firefox's customizability (and existence!) is with me wherever I go. And why is the adjective after the noun now?


Bruce Pascoe
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Are you referring to the namechange from "Portable Firefox" to "Firefox Portable"? John had to change it to comply with Mozilla's trademark policies. Firefox Portable isn't even the official name--the full name is "Mozilla Firefox - Portable Edition." Personally I would have preferred a comma over a hyphen, but that's just me. "[name of website] - Mozilla Firefox - Portable Edition" looks horrible in the titlebar (I used Firesomething to customize the name in the titlebar).

...oh sorry. Rant over. Wink

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My reasons

All the machines I use (at home, at college we all have our own laptops, and at work) I have authorization to install a copy of Firefox - so that isn't a problem. I use Firefox Portable because it allows me to set up ONE copy of the browser, and take it everywhere - mainly for extensions, but also bookmarks. But, I also maintain my own installation of SiteBar - - an online-bookmark system, but:

1) works with any browser
2) runs on MY server - no worries about it being hosted by a 3rd-party, or agreeing to their "Terms of Service"

I combine the two: SiteBar, and Firefox Portable, for the ultimate win!

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Security and confort

Two reasons:
1) When I check my email in some obscure Internet Café I feel safer if I don't have to type any password (they are saved and locked with a master password inside PFF)
2) I can take my bookmarks but better yet, I can have a group with all pages I want to check in a session and open them at once, each in its own tab!

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I also like to bring along my calendar...

Bringing along firefox means bringing along the extensions. For me, a good extension is Mozilla Calendar. With it I can view my Google calendar offline.

With portability - I can now view my Google calendar offline and bring it along and view it on any computer even without an Internet connection.

Update: I use this software along with all other portables because I'm the sort of person who always formats my HDD when things get slowww. Now I keep the portables on my secondary drive, so when I format the primary drive and reinstall my OS, I still have everything on the other drive working with one click! Now, I sound like a commercial or what, but I guess this is only so because this - THESE, are all great apps. No CDs to reinstall on my reformat over and over again - Just my portable apps.

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I'd like to bring my calendar too

but I also want to be able to see my work appointments (when I'm not at work) that are in Outlook. That means periodically syncing with Outlook. Mozilla Calendar & Sunbird, Lightning, Rainlendar, Google calendar and several others I looked at don't sync- they only handle imports of exported Outlook data.

Importing is a multi step process of exporting a .csv file from Outlook and importing into whatever calendar. On the receiving end, most calendars require deleting all work events first otherwise everything will get duplicated. Recurring events get translated to a series of individual events. All in all, not a very good solution.

Lately I've been playing with, a free web calendar that has a full fledged sync tool that I've installed on my work PC. I'm not too crazy about the calendar as displayed but it seems to work well and it's the closest I've found to what I'm looking for: the ability to see work and personal events from anywhere (assuming havning an Internet connection).

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As said before, I use it so

As said before, I use it so I can reinstall my PC easilly, and to move it to any other PC.
I just would like to know to change this back:
"Form Info Saving Disabled"

Any ideas?

BUGabundo :o)

John T. Haller
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Feel free

It's disabled by default to make things easier on your drive write-wise. You're free to re-enable it. If you don't know what I'm referring to, search for things like drive life and writes in here and in Google.

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<rant>I use FFP because of my school. It allows me to edit my website where ever without having to sign in where ever I go. Securtiy is also an issue. I know that FF in general is better at handling html errors than IE and allows me to set which websites I want to set cookies. In general I don't want to be the person that causes a system crash on a school computer. </rant>

Windows is so hopeless...A friend of mein hooked up a mac router to my schools network and the network promptly crashed...Case in point.

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I use it because:

1. It's faster than Internet Explorer (except for initialization time)
2. It bypasses some of the content filters
3. Internet Explorer is too slow to access Wikipedia

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Many reasons...

I use Portable Apps because...

I use a:
- Laptop at home
- My daughters PC at home
- Main PC at home
- My neighbor's (when they need a PC fixed)
- PC in my office at work.
- My boss's PC to transfer files too large for email.

Apps I find useful in multiple locations:
- FFP for U3 (by John of course)
- PStart
- SignupShield for U3
(I have many more apps on my drive but these are the ones that I use day to day)

As for the main question - I like FFP #1 because I hate having to remember which PC I am on when I go to bookmarks/favorites. Plus FFP along with SignupShield keeps all my passwords for me in a relatively secure and accessible way.

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