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(Again) Deamon tools

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(Again) Deamon tools

I saw a topic about portable deamontools.
They said it wasn't possible to make a portable virtual disk, BUT i have a U3 USB and it makes a virtual disk everytime i put in my usb. Maybe it is possible to use that to make a portable deamontools.

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(Again) not possible

This is still not doable, for the same reasons as before.

Daemon tools needs admin access to install a driver into the system, and most people do not have such access on PCs that they visit.

Your U3 drive is not a virtual CD drive, it is a piece of hardware and the USB controller chip inside it identifies that hardware as being a multifuction device that has a USB CDROM drive and a USB mass storage device. Windows then uses the pre-installed drivers for each of these devices to show the two drives that you see.

I'm afraid that this has all been explained many times before, and nothing has changed or ever will. To add a drive letter, you either need to be an administrator, or a driver, and to install a new driver, you need to be an administrator. No admin = no drive letter = no virtual CD device = no Daemon tools.

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