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Gmail "Call phone" button

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Gmail "Call phone" button

I take it there's no way we can use Google's newest plugin/extension/whatever (the one that allows Gmail users to call phones) with Firefox or Chrome portable, is there?

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It's called Voice and Video Chat. I tried messing around with it for a couple of minutes yesterday and the plugin installs to %LOCALAPPDATA% as well as several registry entries. I tried moving the plugin files to the plugin folder in /FirefoxPortable/Data/plugins/, but the plugin failed to be recoginzed. Therefore, I think a launcher would need to be created for it, which would be an issue because you would have to run one program for Firefox and another program for Google Talk.

Another issue would be with the installer. The installer allows for remote files to be downloaded during installation. It would be able to download the Voice and Video chat installer just fine, but Google's own installer also has to download files to work properly and I don't thing the installer would be able to handle that.

I agree with the recommendation though, this would be great if it just worked with FirefoxPortable, but I doubt that's going to happen without some changes on Google's end.

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I don't mind running it as a

I don't mind running it as a separate program, like Skype Portable.

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Registry added

I was messing around and found some more information what might be useful. The following registry entries are added:


"ProductName"="Google Talk Plugin"
"Description"="Google Talk Plugin"

"ProductName"="Google Talk Plugin Video Accelerator"
"Description"="Google Talk Plugin Video Accelerator"

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MozillaPlugins\ Update;version=8]
"Description"="Google Update"
"ProductName"="Google Update"

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MozillaPlugins\ Update;version=8\MimeTypes]

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MozillaPlugins\ Update;version=8\MimeTypes\application/]

Moving the above referenced files to X:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortable\Data\plugins\ didn't work, and adjusting the path in the registry to point to that location didn't work either. There's something else going on that I'm not able to figure out.

Hopefully someone else can take a look at this and figure out how to get it to work. Maybe then somebody could figure out how to get a launcher to work. This would be a great addition to FirefoxPortable if it were possible. It could be added as a plugin similar to the way the mp3 plugin is added to InfraRecorder.

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thats why I hate %LOCALAPPDATA%

you can't do didly squat as far as making it portable (thats the third app I've seen)

Oh and I downloaded it, called myself... It seems to be coming from 760-XXX-XXXX (I blocked the rest of it in case that was my gmail's phone number).

I hope I don't get charged long distance!

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that's why you go into google

that's why you go into google voice and get a pretty close phone number . . .

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The file locations to copy from and to

Create the following directory structure if not already existing:

Place the following files/folders in Plugins directory:
"Google Talk Plugin" (complete folder)
"Google Talk Plugin Extras" (complete folder)

The files are located at:
DocsandSettings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Talk Plugin\
DocsandSettings\Username\Application Data\Mozilla\plugins\

Then it will work and the EXE will automatically load from Gmail.

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Specify path in registry to load EXE automatically

Hi - there is one update. If you want the EXE to run automatically, you must add the following registry key with the proper path to googletalkplugin.exe so that it knows where to find it and load it automatically. It will work without adding the registry path - but if the registry path is not there as shown below then you must run the googletalkplugin.exe manually before loading the browser.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Talk Plugin]
"install_dir"="D:\\ChromePortable\\App\\Chrome-bin\\Plugins\\Google Talk Plugin\\"

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