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How to Rollback to a pervious version

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How to Rollback to a pervious version

I just updated to Platform from I believe and I now have a redundant button on my taskbar. I wish to put my thumb drive back the previous version where I only had the icon in the systray and not taking up space in the taskbar. Is there a way to do this without having to redo the whole thumbdrive?


Last seen: 13 years 9 months ago
Joined: 2010-08-26 15:49
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Rollback is not that difficult

I know you resolved your issue, but just FYI, rolling back the menu isn't that difficult.
The thing you have to remember is that the apps themselves are not actually integrated into the menu.
So you could do this:
Make a separate folder on your drive, call it X:\APPSTORAGE or whatever.
Move everything from X:\PortableApps\ into X:\APPSTORAGE, except the actual folder.
Copy your Documents folder into X:\APPSTORAGE.
Now what's left should be
which is everything of the PortableApps Platform without the actual apps.
Move all this to a new folder, let's call it X:\OLDPLATFORM

Now that you've segregated the Apps into X:\APPSTORAGE and the Platform into X:\OLDPLATFORM, you can do a fresh install of whatever version you want into X:\.

Now you can just move everything from X:\APPSTORAGE back into X:\PortableApps\ folder, you don't need to re-install. Restart the menu and the apps will be there. If you have any docs in the old Documents folder, you can pull them back from X:\APPSTORAGE\Documents\.

Once everything is restored, you can get rid of the X:\OLDPLATFORM.

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