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IDAImageEditor Portable 3.0 Development Test 1

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IDAImageEditor Portable 3.0 Development Test 1

Application: IDAImageEditor
Category: Utilities
Description: IDAImageEditor Portable is the perfect tool to generate and edit screenshots, ideally suited for manuals and e-learning projects. IDAImageEditor is freeware. The IDAImageEditor Portable installer will download an original and unmodified copy of the software for you, directly from the author's homepage. IDAImageEditor Portable is just a "wrapper" around it to make it work smoothly with your PortableApps Menu and keep all your data on the USB stick.

Download IDAImageEditor 3.0 Development Test 1 [809KB download / 3.39MB installed]
(MD5: 110cf2b81d94e6483df46aca21c70d5c)

EDIT: Additional Info:

It seems that this is just a modified version of PicPick. So for those needing the latest and greatest I’d recommend using prapper’s PicPick Portable 2.3.3 Development Test 1 instead.

I still leave this version here, though, since it has a nice feature not found in PicPick: One can invert the selection and thus, for instance, pixelize or blur everything around the marked selection.

Release Notes:

Development Test 1 (2010-09-09): Initial release

  • Online installer downloads original software from author's web site (MD5 checked).
  • Full support of English, German and Korean language (via Launcher).