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Adding Google Voice plugin

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Adding Google Voice plugin

Just wanted to let people know how I got the Google Voice plugin to work so that I could use the "Call Phone" feature from within gmail. This is *not* elegant but it's the only way I could figure it out because the target computer is behind some nasty firewalls (and the Google Voice installer isn't allowed to call home to download its files).

1. Install the Google Voice plugin on your home computer.
2. Locate the Google Voice and Video Accelerator plugins in FF using about:plugins.
3. Copy those to your Firefox Portable plugins directory on the flash drive.
4. Locate the "Google Talk Plugin" folder on your hard drive and copy it to the flash drive (doesn't matter where).

When you want to use Google Voice through Firefox Portable, run the exe in the Google Talk Plugin first, then start FFP and go to gmail. Note that once you exit gmail, it will stop the exe, so you'll have to run it again manually if needed.

Anyone have any suggestions to automate this?

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A couple observations

I tried messing around with this a couple weeks ago, but didn't have any success. It seems you may have figured out a way for it to work. With that said, I do have a couple concerns.

1. Are you absolutely certain that none of this was installed on the machine you tested it on? I only ask because I tried something similar and FFP wouldn't recognize it. Can you test this on some other computers that don't have any type of google programs installed?

2. By running the Google Talk plugin, you're going to leave registry entries and possibly files in AppData. A launcher needs to be developed to account for this. Maybe you could use Regshot to check for files and registry entries that are left behind when you run this set up again.

If this works the way you say it does, then hopefully somebody can take this information and develop a launcher that would allow users to use the "Call Phone" feature in Gmail

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1. I am certain that it

1. I am certain that it wasn't already installed. Another computer on the same network *did* have google talk installed a long time ago (pre-firewall) and it works fine without the steps above.

2. Regedit is blocked so I have no way of checking. It very well might leave files and reg entries behind. Portable versus stealth is a frequent topic here and this is definitely not stealth.

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Oh good

I found this thread again.. I cant seem to find where ff 4.0 puts these.. the info I get is:



Is this even still relevant?


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Works like a charm!

You have to search your computer for those two files (real pain in the ass on newer windows machines because they try not to display any scary system files). Once windows can't find it, click advanced, check include non-indexed, hidden and system files.

You also need to search for the folder "Google Talk Plugin" and copy that to the flash drive. It contains the executable that needs to be launched before Firefox is opened

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Favor Request


I don't have a home computer, so I am hoping you could make available the Google Voice and Video Accelerator plugins. I am using a friend's computer and do not wish to install the plugin. I do, however, already have the Google Talk Plugin folder.

This favor would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Works without needing to load the EXE manually

Create the following directory structure if not already existing:

Place the following files/folders in Plugins directory:
"Google Talk Plugin" (complete folder)
"Google Talk Plugin Extras" (complete folder)

The files are located at:
DocsandSettings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Talk Plugin\
DocsandSettings\Username\Application Data\Mozilla\plugins\

Then it will work and the EXE will automatically load from Gmail.

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Specify path in registry to load EXE automatically

Hi - there is one update. If you want the EXE to run automatically, you must add the following registry key with the proper path to googletalkplugin.exe so that it knows where to find it and load it automatically. It will work without adding the registry path - but if the registry path is not there as shown below then you must run the googletalkplugin.exe manually before loading the browser.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Talk Plugin]
"install_dir"="D:\\FirefoxPortable\\Data\\Plugins\\Google Talk Plugin\\"

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